Tuesday, August 24, 2010

AAA Stereo-3D in CryENGINE 3


Me, Jens and Nicolas gave this talk about Stereoscopic 3D at GDC Europe, 2010 in Cologne.

To provide designers with tools to produce the highest Stereo-3D quality that can be achieved: Crytek (or “CryEngine in 3D”) is following up the hype created by recent big Stereo-3D movies to produce an experience that is both enjoyable and engaging, with minimal cost in performance. We’ll reveal for the first time our new Stereo-3D rendering technique and how we found a zero-compromise, real-time Stereo-3D solution for CryENGINE®3. We’ll also show the tools that make workflow smooth and intuitive and can be used not only to create Stereo-3D videogames, but also movies in the same integrated real-time environment.

Part 1.
Part 2.

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