Thursday, November 25, 2010

AAA Stereo 3D in Crysis 2 – Talk at 3D In Your Face

I finally got the uncut, uncensored, untainted footage of my talk at 3D In Your Face in Bradford last month. About three hundred people (!!) were attending, it was great fun and quite scary for the first couple of minutes. Luckily the first couple of minutes are missing, but you get thrown in the mix at no cost a full five minutes of Crysis 2 in game!

Enjoy the show.

3D In Your Face - AAA Stereo in Crysis 2 from Francesco Carucci

And don’t miss the slides from the talk.

Special thanks go to Nicolas Schulz from RnD who wrote the slides on Reprojection and implemented the actual algorithm and the Crysis 2 team for the amazing game. Big kudos go to my partner in crime, Jens Schobel (yes, I will never write your name correct, ever!) for writing the slides together and giving the same talk together in Cologne and Barcelona. I missed you man!

Comments on how to improve my l337 presenting skillz0r are greatly welcome.


  1. You should drop that dodgy Italian accent, it'll never work.