Monday, February 18, 2013

In a galaxy far far away...

... I moved to California to work for Apple more than a year ago, which partially explains the total lack of content in the blog for quite a long time. It also means I don't make games anymore, so writing about games making hasn't felt so pressing for a while. This begs the question: what am I working on now? I can't tell you. Apple wouldn't be Apple if I could happily spill my guts on any blog and tell you exactly what I'm doing. All I can say about my job (aside the fact that it is by far the best job I've ever had) is that my office has no window. Nada, zero, not a single ray of light can penetrate inside (or come out, what interests the most whoever designed the building).

On top of changing job, country, continent, I got married last year with an awesome woman, +Lina Mosashvili.

Better photographic proofs of the event are available on request, including a video that shows my skills in dancing traditional georgian dances. Quiet a feat.

After such a plethora of information that have nothing at all to do with game programming, the second burning question of the post is: will I keep writing about making videogames? Most probably not, but changing the name of the blog is not an option (too lazy), but I can probably still write about software engineering in a more general, and synthetic, way... and, no, I will not write anything about Apple.

One more thing, I opened, together with my better half, a Fine Art Print online store with a collection of my best photographic work: having been a graphics programmer for so long, I wanted to remain somehow in the field. Somehow. Click on the photo and give it a look, there's some good stuff.


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