Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Playstation 4

And so Sony announced the Playstation 4. The first thought is that the cell processor wasn't that revolutionary after all. The second thought is that indeed the cell processor sucked precisely as foretold years ago. In fact they announced a PC.

The actual show was very much underwhelming, set aside Alex Evans who is always a sexy beast: Alex, I miss you and our late coding evenings and our chats at the hairdresser in Guildford, my man... I don't miss the english rain though.

But the really scary thought is that my Macbook here will outperform this PC, i mean, this console. My iPad will almost as well.

I must not mention Apple on this blog... I must not mention Apple here...

My biggest hope is that Sony doesn't go bankrupt after launching the PS4, cause I have almost 10.000$ invested in Sony photographic gear: I love my A99V and my Zeiss lenses, please Sony, don't die.

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